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2016-2017 Catalog 
2016-2017 Catalog [PAST CATALOG]

Directory of Offices

Office of the President


  Dawn Lindsay, Ed.D. LUDL 231 410-777-1177
Chief diversity officer
  James L. Felton III LUDL 202B 410-777-1472
Federal compliance officer
  Suzanne L. Boyer LUD108AL 410-777-1239
Institutional advancement and AACC Foundation executive director
  Vollie D. Melson ICOX 410-777-1494
Special assistant to the president
  Anita H. Delaporte LUDL 229 410-777-2500
Executive assistant to the President  
  Judy Heath LUDL 223 410-777-1177
Sponsored programs director    
  Deborah Mercado RESM 133 410-777-2321


Interim Vice president for learning
  Dr. Michael H. Gavin LUDL 217A 410-777-2332
Interim Associate vice president for learning
  Dr. Claire Smith LUDL 202A 410-777-2776
Business education partnerships director
  Kathleen M. Beauman LUDL 204A 410-777-2777
Planning, research and institutional assessment dean
  Dr. Ricka Fine CRSC 220G 410-777-1868

Learning Advancement and Virtual Campus


Learning advancement and virtual campus interim dean
  Dr. Colleen Eisenbeiser CADE 334A 410-777-1249
Distance education coordinator
  Patty McCarthy-O’Neill CADE 330 410-777-2514
eLearning and instructional technology director
  Thiha Aye CADE 332A 410-777-2054
Instructional design manager
  Jennifer Bopp ANXB 108 410-777-2629
Institutional professional development manager
  Lisa Starkey CRSC 310 410-777-2426
Learning outcomes assessment director
  Jocelyn Shadforth CALT 340 410-777-7141
Library director
  Cynthia K. Steinhoff LBRY 233B 410-777-2483
Special projects director
  Frances M. Turcott CADE 332 410-777-2340
Sarbanes center for learning through public and community service, travel & study director
  Cathleen H. Doyle CRSC 314A 410-777-2902
Center for learning through service coordinator
  Stephanie L. Goldenberg CRSC 312 410-777-2366
Center for the study of local issues director
  Dr. Daniel D. Nataf CRSC 132 410-777-2733
Institute for the future director
  Gina M. Finelli CRSC 132 410-777-2708
Internship office coordinator
  Vacant CRSC 308 410-777-2475

Academic Schools

Liberal Arts


Liberal arts dean
  Alicia M. Morse HUM 215B 410-777-2567
African American studies, American studies, anthropology, Future, geography and sociology chair
  Dr. Philip Terry-Smith CRSC 136 410-777-2369
Psychology and sports studies chair
  Dr. Lori Perez CRSC 142 410-777-1231
English and communications chair
  Dr. Steven B. Canaday HUM 203B 410-777-2140
Gender and sexuality studies coordinator
  Dr. Heather E. Rellihan HUM 113A 410-777-1233
History, philosophy and political science chair
  Dr. Russell J. Rockefeller CRSC 152 410-777-1321
Mathematics interim chair
  Dr. Alycia A. Marshall MATH 231B 410-777-2029
Performing arts chair (dance/music/theater)
  Dr. Ian Wardenski CADE 120 410-777-7069
Reading coordinator
  Dr. Kerry E. Taylor LBRY 119 410-777-2032
Visual arts and humanities chair
  Matthew Moore CADE 108 410-777-7079
American Sign Language and World languages chair
  Scott A. Cooper CRSC 185 410-777-1232

Business and Law


Business and law dean
  Karen L. Cook, J.D. CRSC 347 410-777-7370
Business administration chair
  Dr. Gretchen S. Mester CRSC 339 410-777-2179
Business management, transportation, logistics and cargo security and entrepreneurial studies chair
  Bill Yuan CRSC 335 410-777-2765
Economics chair
  Dr. Gretchen S. Mester CRSC 341 410-777-2436
Homeland Security and Criminal Justice Institute director
  Dr. Tyrone Powers CALT 208 410-777-7496
Legal Studies Institute director
  vacant CRSC 410-777-

Continuing Education and Workforce Development


Continuing education and workforce development dean
  Dr. Faith A. Harland-White CALT 127A 410-777-2961
Center on aging director
  Dr. Terry D. Portis JOHN 102 410-777-2941
Continuing education assistant dean
  Charlene Templeton CALT 125 410-777-2662
Continuing professional education director
  Sandra J. Jones CALT 118 410-777-2046
Workforce development assistant dean
  Kip Kunsman CCPT 322 410-777-7145
Hotel, Culinary Arts and Tourism Institute acting director
  Mary Ellen Mason CALT 129 410-777-2707
Instructional support center director
  Cheryl L. Schram CALT 114A 410-777-2507
Lifelong learning director
  Louann M. Tracy JOHN 203 410-777-2255
Occupational skills director
  Michael Yeakey GBTC 322 410-777-2918
Teacher Education and Child Care Institute and Parenting Center director
  vacant AMIL 309D 410-777-1963
Cyber and Technology Training director
  Sara Eger CCPT 323 410-777-2106
Client services director
  Dawn D. Carter CCPT 319 410-777-2928

Health Sciences


Health sciences interim dean
  David C. Thomas FLRS 322 410-777-7039
Emergency medical technician chair
  Melanie K. Miller FLRS 428 410-777-7385
Health and human services chair
  Elizabeth H. Appel GYM 208A 410-777-7224
Health information technology coordinator
  Dana Carcamo FLRS 228 410-777-7498
Health technologies chair
  Tracey L. Lloyd FLRS 226 410-777-7239
Health, fitness and exercise studies interim chair
  Tiffin Bumpass GYM 222 410-777-7263
Human services coordinator
  Nicole Williams FLRS 224 410-777-7085
Medical assisting coordinator
  Lynne V. Gotjen FLRS 224 410-777-7228
Medical laboratory technician coordinator
  Lorraine J. Doucette FLRS 311 410-777-7107
Nursing and healthcare initiatives director
  Beth Anne Batturs-Martin FLRS 304A 410-777-7352
Pharmacy technician coordinator
  Stephanie E. Smith-Baker FLRS 432 410-777-7497
Chesapeake Area Consortium on Higher Education Physical Therapist Assistant program director
  David C. Thomas FLRS 322 410-777-7039
Physician assistant program director
  Dennis Rivenburgh AMIL 207 410-777-7392
Radiologic technology chair
  Lisa Pervola FLRS 434 410-777-7449
Surgical technology coordinator
  Patricia M. Clarke FLRS 304B 410-777-7225
Massage therapy coordinator
  Lynne A. Brummitt FLRS 432 410-777-7112

Sciences and Technology


Sciences and technology dean
  Dr. Bruce Bowman CALT 262 410-777-2873
Alternative and sustainable energy systems, astronomy, chemistry, physics and physical science chair
  Dr. Kirsten A.L. Casey DRGN 236 410-777-2062
Architecture and interior design chair
  Michael D. Ryan, R.A., N.C.A.R.B. CALT 330 410-777-2437
Biology and veterinary science chair and environmental center director
  Dr. M. Stephen Ailstock CRSC 177 410-777-2230
Computer information systems chair    
  Penny Foster-Shiver CALT 258 410-777-2522
Computer science chair
  Krysten Hall CALT 250 410-777-2761
Cybersecurity, networking & digital forensics chair
  Kasia Taylor CALT 250 410-777-2365
Instructional technologies manager
  Catherine Bosse CALT 218 410-777-2705
Engineering chair
  Beth Baran CALT 312 410-777-7097

Learning Resources Management

Vice president for learning resources management
  Melissa A. Beardmore LUDL 213A 410-777-2532
AACC Bookstore manager
  Chris Wirth SUN 155 410-777-2528
Accounts receivable acting manager
  Brenda Reilly SSVC 120 410-777-2740
Administrative services executive director
  Maury L. Chaput CSB 155 410-777-2324
Auxiliary services director
  Steven M. Pegg SUNB 143 410-777-2651
Budget director
  Susan M. Callahan RESM 115 410-777-1294
  Martha D. Rothschild RESM 135 410-777-2701
Dining services manager
  Wanda L. Grace SUN 112B 410-777-2333
Disbursements manager
  Diana Herring RESM 116 410-777-2502
Document services director
  Kevin B. Miller CSB 137 410-777-2388
Event services manager
  Peter T. Kaiser SUN 140 410-777-2821
Facilities maintenance and operations
  Larry Gregory CSB 135 410-777-2496
Facilities planning and construction director
  James M. Taylor CSB 153 410-777-2318
Finance executive director
  Andrew P. Little RESM 117 410-777-2227
Human resources executive director
  Suzanne L. Boyer LUDL 108A 410-777-2045
Public relations and marketing executive director
  Daniel B. Baum LUDL 137 410-777-2011
Public safety director
  Vacant CSB 410-777-
Purchasing and contracting director
  Melanie Scherer RESM 113 410-777-2237
Workplace safety and risk management director
  Steven Kroh CSB 147 410-777-2847

Learner Support Services

Vice president for learner support services
  Felicia L. Patterson ADMN 222 410-777-2718

Information Services


Information services chief technology officer
  Shirin M. Goodarzi CRSC 252E 410-777-2148
Applications services director
  Sheela Becton CRSC 252F 410-777-2169
Customer support services manager
  Geoff Wood CRSC 112C 410-777-1189
Instructional/remote site services manager
  Vacant CRSC 410-777-
Network services manager
  Nancy L. Jones CRSC 204 410-777-2930
Operations manager
  Kathy Campbell CRSC 252B 410-777-2192

Enrollment Services

Enrollment services dean
  Dr. John F. Grabowski SSVC 203 410-777-2231
Admissions and enrollment development director
  Thomas J. McGinn III SSVC 105 410-777-2240
Financial aid director
  Richard C. Heath SSVC 165 410-777-2204
Multi-ethnic recruitment coordinator
  James T. Jackson SSVC 106 410-777-2529
  Nanci A. Beier SSVC 142 410-777-2834
Student information services manager
  Verna L. Marlow CRSC 121 410-777-2615

Student Services


Student services dean
  Dr. Jacqueline S. Jackson SUN 222 410-777-2830
Student services assistant dean
  Dr. Tiffany F. Boykin SUN 224 410-777-2305
Director, Athletics
  Duane P. Herr GYM 203A 410-777-2346
Child Development Center director
  Janet M. Klenkel CDC 122 410-777-2578
Counseling, advising and retention services (CARS) director
  Bonnie J. Garrett SSVC 212 410-777-2503
Assistant Director, Retention, Completion and New Student Initiatives
  Bonnie C. Kimmel SSVC 205 410-777-2768
Program Manager, Disability Support Services
  Courtney Sales SSVC 208 410-777-2306
Assistant Director, Counseling, Articulation and Transfer
  Patrice W. Lyons SSVC 210 410-777-2634
Coordinator, Career Exploration/Development
  Joan B. Sturtevant SSVC 207 410-777-2284
Manager, Health Services
  Beth A. Mays SUN 120 410-777-2480
Coordinator, Substance Abuse Education
  Loretta Lawson-Munsey SUN 120 410-777-2527
Director, Student achievement and success program/FYE
  Janice D. Watley LBRY 129A 410-777-1258
Coordinator, First Year Experience
  Lisa R. Davis LBRY 122 410-777-2137
Director, Student Conduct and Special Projects
  Erik Hunter SUN 252 410-777-1339
Director, Student engagement
  Christine M. Storck SUN 205 410-777-2219
Coordinator, New Student Engagement
  Danielle J. Brookhart SUN 208A 410-777-2653
Program Coordinator, Student Engagement
  Stephen Kreider SUN 207 410-777-2043
Coordinator, Technology Learning Center and Computer Commons
  Paul B. Creel LBRY 101 410-777-2358
Director, Testing and assessment services
  Kristen Vickery SUN 253 410-777-2543
Assistant Director, Testing and Assessment Services
Offsite Testing Coordinator, Testing and Assessment Services
  Elizabeth W. Casey SUN 245 410-777-1459
Testing/Systems Coordinator, Testing and Assessment Services
  David J. Ehrenreich SUN 250 410-777-1334
Coordinator, Tutoring
  Andrew M. Blazie LBRY 113 410-777-1342