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2016-2017 Catalog 
2016-2017 Catalog [PAST CATALOG]

Academic Programs (Transfer)


AACC has developed a variety of programs for students who wish to plan a two-year course of study and then transfer to a four-year college. These programs emphasize particular academic or occupational areas and are recommended to students planning further college work in those areas. For course requirements, click on the specific program area in the Programs of Study chart below.

About the Transfer Studies, A.A.

Among our degrees for transfer, Anne Arundel awards a distinctive program of study called a Transfer Studies, A.A.   This degree is designed to allow students to choose an interest area or a concentration , while achieving their general education requirements .  Through this program’s electives  students have the opportunity to explore different areas of college coursework or to develop a specific course plan that will best meet their transfer goals.  It also a good choice for students who are not yet sure that they want to transfer immediately.  It allows students to obtain a well-rounded Associates of Arts degree. Students can use this associate’s degree to pursue a career or other personal goal, but still maintain their option to transfer in the future.


Transfer Studies

      Associates of Arts   
            Concentration Areas: Communications , Economics , Gender and Sexuality Studies ,  
            Psychology , Sports Studies , Insert your area of concentration here *     

Transfer Resources Available

AACC has resources to assist every student with a host of transfer services. In some degree areas, AACC has a formal transfer agreement with another institution or participates in special transfer advantages programs. Additionally, AACC adheres to the Maryland State transfer policy (Title 13B ), which sets criteria to help students have a smooth transition from a community college to a baccalaureate degree-granting institution within our state. Students planning to transfer to another institution should explore these resources and more on AACC’s Transfer Services page.  Our Academic Advising department is always available to help students in understanding all of these transfer resources, as well as how to plan a program of study and select courses for the best transfer.


Academic Programs Designed to Transfer

   American Studies Option     Liberal Arts Option 
   Business Administration Transfer     Mathematics 
   Computer Information Systems Option      Medical Technology Option 
   Computer Science Transfer     Nursing Transfer Option 
   Game and Simulation Programming Option     Predental Hygiene Option     
   Management Information Systems Option     Pre-Dietetics Option     
EDUCATION    Premedical/Predental Option  
   Early Childhood Education/Early Childhood Special Ed.      Pre-Optometry Option     
   Elementary Education/Elementary Special Ed.     Pre-Pharmacy Option    
   Teaching Chemistry (Secondary)     Pre-Physical Therapy Option    
   Teaching English (Secondary)     Pre-Veterinary Option   
   Teaching Mathematics (Secondary)  SCIENCE  
   Teaching Physics (Secondary)     Astronomy Option 
   Teaching Spanish (Secondary)     Biology Option 
ENGINEERING     Chemistry Option 
   Engineering Transfer     Environmental Science Option 
   Electrical Engineering     Physics Option 
FINE ARTS OPTION    Plant Science - Botany Option 
   Creative Writing Option     Plant Science - Horticulture Option 
   Dance Option  TRANSFER STUDIES  
   Music Option     Transfer Studies 
   Theater Arts Option  VISUAL ARTS
HEALTH    Art History/Museum Education 
   Health, Fitness and Exercise Studies     Film Studies 
   Public Health     Game Art and Design 
LAW      Photography 
   Law and Jurisprudence     Visual Arts 
      Visual Design (Web and Graphic) 


*There are many other concentration  areas available for a Transfer Studies, A.A.  Search our Course Descriptions  list to explore all concentration areas AACC offers or contact Academic Advising or Admissions@aacc.edu