Sep 27, 2020  
2016-2017 Catalog 
2016-2017 Catalog [PAST CATALOG]

ACH 203 - Commercial Design Studio

4 credit hours - Three hours of lecture and two hours of studio weekly; one term.
Learn commercial and contract design. Concentrates on specific commercial and contract projects such as retail, hospitality, corporate, entertainment, recreational and yacht design with an emphasis on sustainability. Addresses public health, safety and welfare issues. Projects cover all aspects of commercial design from client contact, programming, schematics, design development to design presentations. Expands on materials and methods for interior design for commercial applications. Advanced graphic design and illustration skills are emphasized to include: concept drawings, elevations, color renderings and presentation board layouts. Lab fee $40.

Prerequisite(s): ACH 104 , ACH 105 , ACH 106 , or permission of department chair.

Crosslisted: Also offered as ACH 203H ; credit is not be given for both ACH 203 and ACH 203H .

Course Outcomes
Core Competencies
Core 1 Communication Core 3 Information Literacy Core 10 Innovative and Critical Thinking