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2016-2017 Catalog 
2016-2017 Catalog [PAST CATALOG]

CTP 135 - Programming in JavaScript

4 credit hours - Four hours of lecture and directed laboratory weekly; one term.
(formerly CSI 149 - Programming in JavaScript)

Learn JavaScript language through lecture and hands-on directed lab activities. Develop programming skills to create interactive Web pages. Learn to manipulate the browser environment, add special effects, validate form data and manage state information. Lab fee $25.

Prerequisite(s): CTP 111  and CTP 115  or permission of CTP department chair.

Course Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Write HTML adding dynamic content to Web pages.
    • Discuss HTML and XHTML technologies for developing Web pages
    • Describe the technologies used to develop Web pages
    • Describe JavaScript and its use
    • Understand the difference between JavaScript and other languages
    • Describe the format of a JavaScript program
    • Properly place JavaScript within a Web document
    • Include JavaScript in an external document
    • Generate Web Page content using JavaScript
  • Use fundamental JavaScript programming operators, control structures, and functions.
    • Describe the various data types supported by JavaScript
    • Declare variables
    • Work with arithmetic operators to change variables and form elements
    • Understand how JavaScript works with numeric values
    • Discuss Boolean operators and their use
    • Compose Boolean expressions, if statements, and loops
    • Describe the use of functions
    • Define and use functions that accept parameters and return values
    • Use the isNaN, parseInt, and parseFloat functions
    • Use the getElementById method of the Document object
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the JavaScript object hierarchy.
    • Use the Document Object Model to retrieve elements from a document
    • Make changes to an element in a document
    • Add and remove elements from a document
    • Add and remove event handlers to/from an element
  • Activate image, control URLs and links in Web pages.
    • Create a rollover effect for an image
    • Create a rollover effect for text image
    • Create a rollover effect for a hyperlink
    • Create an Array of Image objects
  • Implement client-side JavaScripts.
    • Determine whether or not script is producing correct results
    • Create and use Arrays
    • Describe and use the Date Object
    • Use dialog methods of the Window object
    • Create and use Timers
    • Understand the principles of form validation
    • Perform a client-side validation
  • Design Web pages with event-driven components.
    • Describe default event handlers
    • Supplement a default event handler
    • Cancel a default event handler
    • Develop JavaScript to responds to events
  • Transmit cookies between web browsers and servers.
    • Decompose a query string for retrieving data
    • Create, Access, and Delete cookies
    • Work with temporary and persistent cookies
    • Share cookies with other web pages
  • Interfacing with Cascading Style Sheets
    • Describe the style object and style properties
    • Change style associated with an element
    • Use positioning styles to move elements
Core Competencies
Core 1 Communication Core 2 Technology Fluency Core 3 Information Literacy Core 5 Self Management Core 6 Scientific Reasoning Core 8 Social and Civic Responsibility Core 10 Innovative and Critical Thinking