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2016-2017 Catalog 
2016-2017 Catalog [PAST CATALOG]

CTP 232 - iPad/iPhone iOS Programming 1

4 credit hours - Four hours of lecture and directed laboratory weekly; one term.
(formerly CSI 232 - iPad/iPhone iOS Programming 1)

Learn the fundamental technologies to develop applications for iOS devices such as the iPhone and the iPad through directed lab activities. Learn the fundamental activities involved in using the XCode development environment, Interface Builder and Cocoa Touch to analyze, develop, test and deploy working applications for the iOS environment. Lab fee $35.

Prerequisite(s): CTP 150  or CSI 161 or permission of the CTP department chair.

Course Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
  • Develop applications for the iPad and iPhone using the iOS programming environment.
    • Demonstrate the ability to use the XCode editor and project manager.
    • Demonstrate the ability to use the Interface Builder tool.
    • Use the iPad/iPhone simulator to test an iPad/iPhone application.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the fundamental concepts of Objective-C.
    • Use Objective-C objects.
    • Use Objective-C data types.
    • Use Objective-C selectors.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of application design patterns.
    • Develop applications using the Model-View-Controller design pattern.
  • Demonstrate the use of the iOS User Interface.
    • Subclass UIView.
    • Use the UITableViewController.
    • Use the UITabBarController.
    • Use the UINavigationController
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the delegation design pattern.
    • Describe the use of delegate protocols.
  • Describe the components of the iOS documentation.
    • Demonstrate the use of the API Reference.
Core Competencies
Core 1 Communication Core 2 Technology Fluency Core 3 Information Literacy Core 5 Self Management Core 6 Scientific Reasoning Core 8 Social and Civic Responsibility Core 10 Innovative and Critical Thinking