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Planner for Plant Science - Arts & Sciences Transfer (A.S.)

Title of Major: Arts and Sciences, Plant Science, A.S.

Award: Associate of Science degree, A.S.


Total Credit Hours: 60

About Biology Department  - see

Purpose:  This program provides preparation for entry into horticulture, plant science and landscape management programs at four-year institutions.

Faculty Contact (  M. Stephen Ailstock, Ph.D.

Term 1

Course Name Credits Term Taken Grade
ENG 111-Composition and Introduction to Literature 1 OR
ENG 115-Composition and Introduction to Literature 1 for Non-Native Speakers OR
ENG 121-Composition and Literature 
Successful completion of ENG 121 fully satisfies the English composition general education requirement.
3 credit hours    
MAT 145-Precalculus 1 
A more advanced level of math from the following list may be substituted:
MAT 146-Precalculus 2 
MAT 151-Accelerated Precalculus 
MAT 191-Calculus and Analytic Geometry 1 
MAT 202-Linear Algebra 
MAT 230-Elementary Calculus (For Business and Social Sciences) 
3 credit hours     
BIO 103-General Botany  4 credit hours     
CHE 111-General Chemistry 1  4 credit hours     


Term 2

Course Name Credits Term Taken Grade
ENG 112-Composition and Introduction to Literature 2 OR
ENG 116-Composition and Introduction to Literature 2 for Non-Native Speakers 
OR Elective
For recommended electives, see course list under Elective in Term 4.
3 credit hours    
CTA 100-Computing and Information Technology 
If appropriate, a different CTA or CTP course that also meets the computing and information technology requirement may be selected. Students should consult an advisor and transfer institution before enrolling.
4 credit hours     
BIO 201-Plant Taxonomy 
4 credit hours     
CHE 112-General Chemistry 2 
4 credit hours     


Term 3

Course Name Credits Term Taken Grade
BIO 207-Plant Propagation 
3 credit hours     
BIO 113-Sustainable Horticulture 
4 credit hours     
Arts & Humanities GER 
Any COM GER course. Strongly recommend:
COM 111-Fundamentals of Oral Communication OR
COM 116-Fundamentals of Oral Communication for Non-Native Speakers  
3 credit hours    
SOC 111-Introduction to Sociology 
3 credit hours     
BIO 116-Introduction to Landscaping 
3 credit hours     


Term 4

Course Name Credits Term Taken Grade
Highly recommend:
BIO 107-Environmental Science
BIO 210-Ecological Principles and Environmental Assessment 
BIO 220-Genetics 
BIO 223-General Microbiology 
No more than 3 credits of physical activity courses may be used as electives.
1-4 credit hours    
Arts & Humanities GER
One Sophomore Literature (ENG) course
3 credit hours    
Social & Behavioral Science GER
Must select one from the following:
HIS 111-Ancient and Medieval Western Civilizations
HIS 112-Early Modern and Modern Western Civilizations 
HIS 211-United States History through the Civil War 
HIS 212-United States History Since the Civil War 
3 credit hours    
BIO 215-Restoration Ecology 
3 credit hours     
Health/Fitness/Wellness GER 
3 credit hours    


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