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2016-2017 Catalog 
2016-2017 Catalog [PAST CATALOG]

Arts and Sciences Transfer, Science and Premedical Professional, Nursing Option (Pre-Baccalaureate), A.S.

Award: Associate of Science degree, A.S. (code AS.NUR.TR)

Total Credit Hours: A minimum of 60 credit hours.

About Biology Department

Purpose: The Nursing Transfer program prepares students for transfer to area colleges and universities offering a bachelor of science degree in nursing.

Range of Occupations

Occupations can be explored further through the virtual Careers Center.

Planning Tool: Two-Year Sequence of Courses

AACC faculty developed the following sequence of courses to encourage greater success in each student’s program of study.  This sequence incorporates all of the student’s admissions requirements for this degree and provides the student with essential notes to guide their success.  It is recommended that students view and save this as they plan courses for this degree.

  Click Here to View, Save, or Print a PDF Copy of the Planning Tool: Two-Year Sequence of Courses for this degree     


Degree/Graduation Requirements

Degree Requirements

It is recommended that entering students have high school preparation in mathematics, chemistry and biology with laboratory. Although courses in this program are those generally required by institutions that accept transfer of credit, students should consult frequently with the intended baccalaureate transfer program and academic advising for current information on program requirements.

General Education Requirements: 35-38 credits

An approved list of general education courses can be found in the General Education Requirements and degree program required courses  section of the catalog. Choose general education courses from the following topics:

English: 3-6 credits

Arts and Humanities: 6 credits

Must select two different disciplines. See General Education Arts and Humanities Requirements  for a list of approved courses.

For students intending to transfer to the University of Maryland Baltimore, humanities courses must be selected from two of the following disciplines: literature, philosophy, world languages, fine arts, COM 111 . Only one fine arts studio course may be transferred; special prerequisites apply.

Biological and Physical Sciences: 8 credits

Computer Technology, Interdisciplinary Studies or Mathematics: 3 credits

Health/Fitness/Wellness: 3 credits

See General Education Health/Fitness/Wellness Requirements  for a list of approved courses.

Mathematics: 3 credits

Social and Behavioral Sciences: 6 credits

Program Requirements: 22-25 credits

Additional Requirements

Computer Competency Requirement

See Computing and Information Technology Competency Requirement  for a list of approved courses.

Diversity Requirement

Satisfied by SOC 111  requirement.

Related Educational Opportunities

Continuing Education and Workforce Development Offerings & RN Program

Additional courses, credentials and/or certifications may be available through the AACC School of Continuing Education and Workforce Development.

Students seeking entry to Anne Arundel Community College’s Nursing (RN) program should refer to the registered nurse  program in this catalog.


Transfer Agreements

Agreements may exist for this program of study. To access agreements, go to Transfer Services

Core Competencies

AACC offers quality degree programs that allow students to develop fundamental learning and life skills, called core competencies. For a full list of Core Competencies, click here.