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2016-2017 Catalog 
2016-2017 Catalog [PAST CATALOG]

Health Information Technology, A.A.S.

Special Admission Requirements - Rolling Admissions

Award: Associate of Applied Science degree, A.A.S. (code: AAS.HET.HET)

Total Credit Hours: A minimum of 63 credit hours.

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Purpose: To prepare students in the efficient use of electronic health information to make the Health Care system more effective. Health information technicians have the ability to organize and turn data into information and knowledge including being able to determine who needs what information, when and where; how information is defined; how information accuracy and consistency is verified and how information in explained.

The AACC Health Information Technology program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM).

Range of Occupations

  • Health information technician

Occupations can be explored further through the virtual Careers Center.


Anne Arundel Community College and/or the School of Health Sciences reserves the right to revise requirements for admission into the Health Sciences programs, the selection criteria and procedures, and the required courses for programs of study as deemed necessary without prior notification.


Entrance/Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

  1. Attendance at a program information session. Call 410-777-7310 for schedule. Detailed information regarding program, profession, admission and academic requirements and selection criteria will be discussed. For online schedule, go to www.aacc.edu/healthsciences/infosessions.
  2. Submit a completed program application by the application deadline.
  3. Eligibility for ENG 111  or ENG 115  or ENG 121 .
  4. Eligibility for general education math (see General Education Mathematics Requirements ).  (Note: If developmental courses in English or mathematics are needed, the student will not be eligible for the program until completion of all developmental courses.)
  5. Prerequisites must be completed with a minimum grade of “C” in each course.
  6. Foreign educated students: must have their college and high school transcripts evaluated by one of the following credential evaluators: ECE (Educational Credential Evaluators) at www.ece.org or WES (World Education Services) at www.wes.org.
  7. Foreign educated students: must successfully pass the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) with a minimum score of 550 (213 is the equivalent computer score and 79 is the equivalent Internet based score) OR must have completed the ENG 111 /ENG 112  or ENG 115 /ENG 116  or ENG 121  course sequence with grades of C or better prior to applying to the Health Information Technology program. Anne Arundel Community College’s code for TOEFL is 5019.
  8. Satisfactory completion of criminal background check.
  9. Submission of health examination record.

Selection Criteria

Students will be admitted to the health information technology course sequence on a rolling admission basis. Students will apply for the HET program only after meeting all academic and admission criteria. Once the applicant’s admission criteria have been verified, that student receives conditional acceptance for the next available seat. Applications will be rejected if incomplete. Incomplete applications will be sent back to the student and can be resubmitted once they are complete. Students need only apply once to the program, providing their application is complete. A future seat will be slotted for them once the student meets the criteria for admission. To be considered for conditional acceptance, the applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • First consideration will be given to candidates whose resident address is in Anne Arundel County for at least three months prior to the application deadline date.
  • Must satisfactorily complete all academic and admission requirements.
  • Must have a minimum adjusted grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 at this college.
  • Final selection for the health information technology course sequence will be based on the criteria described in the health information technology department admission requirements available at a program information session.
  • Final acceptance into the program shall be contingent upon satisfactory completion of a criminal background check and satisfactory completion of a Health Examination Record.

Technical Standards

Students who are conditionally accepted to this program of study will be required to submit a Health Examination Record completed by a physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant validating that the student meets the technical standard of good physical and mental health as established, by the School of Health Sciences, and verifying that the student is free of communicable diseases as evidenced by required immunizations/titers.

Enrollment Restrictions

Limitations of hospital, clinical or laboratory facilities necessitate certain enrollment restrictions. An applicant who has been convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor may not be eligible for licensure as a Health Information Technician. See the Health Information Technology department coordinator for additional information.

Criminal Background Checks and Drug Screening

This program requires the satisfactory completion of a criminal background check and possible drug screening. For complete details, see the Health Sciences  section of this catalog.

Degree/Graduation Requirements

Degree Requirements

A grade of C or better in all Health Information Technology and general education courses is required to progress in the program.

Planning Tool: Two-Year Sequence of Courses

AACC faculty developed the following sequence of courses to encourage greater success in each student’s program of study.  This sequence incorporates all of the student’s admissions requirements for this degree and provides the student with essential notes to guide their success.  It is recommended that students view and save this as they plan courses for this degree.

  Click Here to View, Save or Print a PDF Copy of the Planning Tool: Two-Year Sequence of Courses and Admissions Requirements     


Health Information Technology Course Sequence

All courses must be completed with a grade of C or better.


Total credit hours: 14

Program Requirements

English: 3 credits

Mathematics (general education requirement): 3-4 credits

See General Education Mathematics Requirements  for a list of approved courses.

Total credit hours: 16-17

English: 0-3 credits

Total credit hours: 12-15

Total First Year Credits: 42-46

Social and Behavioral Sciences (general education requirement): 3 credits

Must meet diversity requirement, see General Education Diversity Requirements .

Total credit hours: 12

Second Year - Term 2 - First 8-Weeks

Health/Fitness/Wellness (general education requirement): 3 credits

See General Education Health/Fitness/Wellness Requirements  for a list of approved courses.

Total credit hours: 6

Second Year - Term 2 - Second 8-Weeks

Total credit hours: 3

Total Second Year Credits: 21

Total Program Credits: 63-67

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Adhere to health information requirements and standards.
  • Utilize clinical classifications.
  • Support data collection and reimbursement systems.
  • Abstract health care data for analysis and presentation.
  • Adhere to security, privacy, and confidentiality policies.
  • Use information technology systems to process health information.
  • Apply organizational management techniques to improve efficiency of departmental functions and services.
  • Model professional behaviors, ethics and appearance.
  • Promote interest and stimulate growth in health information management as a profession.
  • Meet eligibility requirements to take national certification examination.

This program aligns with all the college’s core competencies. For a full list of Core Competencies, click here.

Related Educational Opportunities

Continuing Education and Workforce Development Offerings

Additional courses, credentials and/or certifications may be available through the AACC School of Continuing Education and Workforce Development.

Transfer Agreements

Agreements may exist for this program of study. To access agreements, go to www.aacc.edu/transfer.