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2017-2018 Catalog 
2017-2018 Catalog [PAST CATALOG]

Business Management - Healthcare Professionals (A.A.S.)

Title of Major: Business Management - Healthcare Professionals, A.A.S.


Award: Associate of Applied Science degree, A.A.S. 

Total Credit Hours: 60

About the Business Management Department

Purpose: Provides comprehensive skills necessary for a successful and satisfying business career. Exposes students to all aspects of today’s rapidly changing and technologically challenging business environment. Prepares students for careers in the global economy. Students who wish to major in business at a four-year college should enroll in the Business Administration transfer program or should carefully review and follow the special articulation agreement for ‘Business Management’ programs (see Transfer Services).

Additional Degree Requirements

A program chosen from a core of courses considered essential for any business student and from a broad range of electives. Students are expected to select a four-course area of concentration that will permit them to enter a variety of business occupations. The groups of courses listed are examples of appropriate and logical selections in an area of concentration. Required courses cannot be used as area of concentration electives.

Range of Occupations

  • Human resource manager
  • Public relations manager
  • Sales/marketing/advertising trainees
  • Small-business owner/manager
  • Supervisor

Graduation Requirements

See Academic Regulations for college-wide Graduation Requirements .

Planning Tool: Two-Year Sequence of Courses


    Open/Print this Planning Tool  


General Education Requirements: 21-24 credits

English: 3-6 credits

Biological and Physical Sciences: 3 credits

See General Education Biological and Physical Sciences Requirements   for a list of approved courses.

Mathematics: 3 credits

See General Education Mathematics Requirements  for a list of approved courses.

Computer Technology, Biological and Physical Sciences or Mathematics: 3 credits

If your chosen course does not satisfy the computer competency requirement, it is highly recommended that your Social and Behavioral Sciences general education elective is SOC 111 , which will satisfy the diversity requirement.

Health/Fitness/Wellness: 3 credits

See Health/Fitness/Wellness Requirements  for a list of approved courses.

Social and Behavioral Sciences: 3 credits

Program Requirements: 24-27 credits

Area of Concentration Requirements: 12 credits

Computer Competency Requirement

All students in associate degree programs must demonstrate competence in computing and information technology (a computer competency requirement ). Students may satisfy the computer competency course requirement simultaneously as they satisfy the computer technology general education course or with an elective.

Diversity Requirement

All students in associate degree programs must satisfy the diversity requirement.  In many cases, students may satisfy this requirement simultaneously as they satisfy a general education course requirement or with an elective.

Fast Track

This program has a Fast Track Option  for those holding a college degree.

Program Requirements

Upon successful completion of healthcare professionals area of concentration, students will be able to:

  • Describe the dynamics of the changing global environment.
  • Apply information within financial statements for decision-making purposes.
  • Select, organize, consolidate and present ideas in a business-like manner.
  • Select, understand and apply economic information for decision-making purposes.
  • Research and understand laws and regulations impacting buisness activites.
  • Apply management principles and communication skills as a means to achieve business goals.
  • Apply ethical standards to guide decision-making.
  • Expla​in the value of diversity in the workplace.
  • Investigate different career opportunities and how they correspond with personal strengths and weaknesses.
  • Apply state and federal healthcare policies in the operation of a healthcare enterprise.
  • Use recent developments in healthcare to assess alternative management solutions in healthcare related problems and challenges.

This program aligns with the college’s core competencies.

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