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2017-2018 Catalog 
2017-2018 Catalog [PAST CATALOG]

About the Computer Competency Requirement

All students in associate degree programs must demonstrate competence in computing and information technology (a computer competency requirement).

Anne Arundel Community College defines a student who is competent in computing and information technology as one who can:

  • demonstrate a working knowledge of computer hardware and an appropriate operating environment to generate, store, retrieve, transfer and manipulate data; and
  • use the computer as a tool to solve problems and produce information appropriate to coursework.

There are three ways to satisfy the computer competency requirement. A student may:

  1. Complete a course or sequence of courses from the list of approved computer competency courses (see below); or
  2. Transfer in an equivalent course from another institution; or
  3. Test out of an approved course by passing a CLEP exam or departmental exam.

Regardless of how the computer competency requirement is met, students must complete the number of credits required by their degree program.  Consult with an Academic Advisor, as needed, to ensure proper progress toward degree completion and to discuss computer technology, computer competency and other degree program required courses.

Approved Computer Competency Courses

Completing one of the approved courses or sequences of courses satisfies the computing and information technology competency requirement (the ‘computer competency’ requirement). Students who completed an approved course or sequence of courses from this list during the fall 1994 term or any subsequent term have met the computing and information technology requirement provided the required competency elements were included in the course when it was taken.

  Students may satisfy the computer competency course requirement simultaneously as they satisfy the computer technology requirement.  

Courses that simultaneously satisfy Computer Competency and Technology Requirements