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2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog [PAST CATALOG]

Index - Academic Regulations

Index of Academic Regulations

academic clemency (re-enrollment / forgiveness of courses)   
Academic Integrity Procedures  
academic standing  
add/adding Courses   
additional associate degree (graduation requirements)  
adjusted GPA  
Americans with Disabilities Act Policy
associate degree (graduation requirements)  
certificate (graduation requirements)  
changing a course grade (exception to Academic Regulations)    
changing from credit to audit (exception to Academic Regulations)     
class standing  
class attendance  
continue / continue work / CO grades   
courses cancelled in students’ final term  
course substitution (exception to Academic Regulations)  
credit hours  
credit limitations  
credits per term   
Dean’s List  
dismissal and reinstatement  
dropping courses  
enrolling after the census date (exception to Academic Regulation)  
enrollment verification  
enrollment/changing a schedule  
Equal Opportunity and Nondiscrimination Policy
equivalent hours  
exceptions to academic regulations/ petitions to the Academic Standards Committee  
expected attendance  
extending an incomplete grade (exception to Academic Regulations)    
Fast Track Option (graduation requirements)  
FERPA: The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act  
forgiveness of courses  
forgiveness of courses/academic clemency  
grade point average (GPA) and quality point total  
graduation honors  
graduation procedures  
graduation application   
graduation deadline   
graduation requirements  
guests in class   
Honor Roll  
hours attempted  
hours earned  
incomplete / incomplete work  
interim grades  
last class cancelled / not offered  
letter of recognition (graduation requirements)  
limitations on credit hours (10 weeks or less term session maximum)  
limitations on credit hours (13-15 week term session maximum)  
limitations on credit hours (4 weeks or less term session maximum)  
military deployment  
no grade  
​​proof of enrollment    
Posthumous Degrees or Certificates  
quality points  
readmitting after first, second, or third dismissal (exception to Academic Regulations)    
register late (exception to Academic Regulations)   
registration policy  
reinstatement after dismissal  
repeating a course for a third time (exception to Academic Regulations)     
repetition of courses  
reverse transfer  
substituting a course (exception to Academic Regulations)  
student athlete eligibility  
student classification  
Student Complaint Procedures
student records  
suspended / suspension from college  
Title 13B - Maryland Higher Education Commission  
transfer policy (Maryland Higher Education Commission)    
visitors in class  
waive course requirement (exception to Academic Regulations)  
waive graduation requirement (exception to Academic Regulations)  
waiver of requirement (exception to Academic Regulations)