May 27, 2022  
2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog [PAST CATALOG]

CTS 231 - Networking 4

4 credit hours - Three hours of lecture and two hours of laboratory weekly; one term.
Formerly CSI 258 - Networking 4

Identify the WAN technologies and network services required by converged applications in a complex network. Demonstrate how to configure PPPoE, GRE, and single-homed eBGP. Determine how to control network traffic using extended IPv4 and IPv6 ACLs. Demonstrate the skills needed to mitigate security threats and monitor network traffic using SNMP, Cisco SPAN and IP SLA. Identify technologies such as QoS and trends in networking including Cloud, virtualization, and SDN. 

Prerequisite(s): CTS 230  with a grade of “C” or better or permission of the CTS department chair.