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2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog [PAST CATALOG]

CTP 150 - Computer Science 1

4 credit hours - Three hours of lecture and two hours of laboratory weekly; one term.
Formerly CSI 163 - Computer Science 1

Use fundamental design principles and problem-solving techniques introduced in CTP 115 to develop computer algorithms. Implement algorithms as programs coded in Java, an object-oriented programming language. Learn the data types, control structures, classes, arrays, and I/O in the Java programming language. Learn recursion, inheritance, polymorphism, and exceptions. Emphasize style, documentation, solution robustness, and conformance with specifications throughout course work. Lab fee $25.

Prerequisite(s): CTP 115  or CTP 115H  or permission of computer science academic chair.

Crosslisted: Also offered as CTP 150H . Credit is not given for both CTP 150 and CTP 150H .

Note: CTP 115  prerequisite is waived for students that complete AP Computer Science. Credit is not given for both CTP 150 and CSI 161 or CSI 162. Typically offered MC and OL; fall, spring, and summer terms.