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2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog [PAST CATALOG]

MDA 142 - Clinical Medical Assisting 2

4 credit hours - Three hours of lecture and two and one-half hours of laboratory weekly; one term.
Learn introductory laboratory procedures and functions, including Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)  regulations and Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments  (CLIA) standards related to laboratory operations. In laboratory sessions, focus on quality control, pre-analytical accessioning and processing, performing venipuncture procedures, urinalysis, basic microbiology, point of care testing and other diagnostic procedures that are performed in the physicians’ office or outpatient setting. Students are required to practice selected procedures on each other during college laboratory under instructor supervision. Lab fee $125.

Prerequisite(s): MDA 111 , MDA 115 , MDA 117  and MDA 200  with a grade of C or better.

Corequisite(s): MDA 140  and MDA 112  or permission of the department chair.