Sep 21, 2023  
2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog [PAST CATALOG]

BIO 104 - Principles of Evolution and Ecology

4 credit hours - Three hours of lecture and three hours of laboratory weekly; one term.
This course meets the Biological and Physical Sciences General Education Requirement.

Investigate the major evolutionary and ecological processes that operate in the natural world. Explore the diversity of life forms on Earth and human impacts on that diversity. Collect, quantify, interpret and present empirical data in order to gain a foundation in the scientific and communication skills used to develop scientific knowledge. Lab fee $40.

Prerequisite(s): Eligibility for ENG 101 /ENG 101A  and either eligibility for any general education math or a score of 27 or better on the Arithmetic Placement Test, or a “B” or better in MAT 005 .