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2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog

ACH 255 - Digital Technologies 2

3 credit hours - One hour of lecture and four hours of laboratory weekly; one term.
Apply advanced digital drawing skills used in the architectural design professions.  Construct and organize CAD drawings with techniques necessary for digital design presentations and construction documents. Explore in-depth commands and features to generate multiple printing and model formats including laser cutting. Lab fee $20.

Prerequisite(s): ACH 245  or permission of the department chair.

Note: This course counts as one of the required CAD electives. Typically offered OL; fall term.

Course Outcomes:

  • Utilize advanced AutoCAD tools for creation digital drawing.
    • Review geometric AutoCAD commands.
    • Review building components in a digital design.
    • Create a static and annotative blocks in AutoCAD.
    • Utilize blocks in a digital design.
    • Revise and edit AutoCAD blocks.
    • Utilize Polylines and Polyline features.
    • Review survey coordinate and alternate measurement uses for digital drawing.
  • Review digital presentation techniques in AutoCAD.
    • Create polygonal and shape viewports.
    • Import graphics into AutoCAD.
    • Restore graphics attached to AutoCAD files.
    • Revise graphics attached to AutoCAD files.
    • Produce presentation drawings with AutoCAD.
    • Review presentation print and plotting options with AutoCAD.
  • Utilize annotative scales in a digital drawing.
    • Review purpose of annotative scales in digital drawings.
    • Review common design profession scales.
    • Apply multiple scales to annotations in a digital drawing.
    • Revise scales to annotations in a digital drawing.
    • Manipulate the annotative scale of text, dimensions, and symbols.
    • Produce printable designs with consistent annotations.
    • Relate annotative scales to viewports.
  • Create and laser cut a digital design.
    • Review architectural model making conventions.
    • Create a digital drawing for use with laser cutter.
    • Compare Vector Cut, Vector Etch, and Rasterized Etching.
    • Assign proper color to lines and objects for laser cutting.
    • Review Corel Draw software use with laser cutter.
    • Review laser cutter print settings.
    • Assign proper material thickness material selection for laser cutting.
  • Produce and edit a digital drawing for construction documentation.
    • Review the purpose and creation of construction documents.
    • Define common construction document symbols and conventions.
    • Utilize documentation symbols in a digital drawing.
    • Create a Dimension Style.
    • Review dimension standards for design professions.
    • Manipulate dimensions in a digital drawing.
    • Review documentation material patterns for construction drawings.
    • Apply appropriate hatches to construction drawings.