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2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog [PAST CATALOG]

DAN 125 - Improvisation

2 credit hours - One hour of lecture and two hours of studio weekly; one term.
Preliminary course in exploring and developing spontaneous, independent movement activities in individual and in group settings. Students will build a movement vocabulary utilizing time, energy and spatial awareness.

Prerequisite(s): DAN 116  or DAN 121  or THA 116  or permission of department chair.

Note: Typically offered at MC; fall and spring terms.

Course Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate ability to move spontaneously through space.
    • Navigate personal movement style.
    • Evaluate peer movement style
    • Move through the space alone
    • Move through the space in groups
  • Analyze a “situation” in a given space.
    • Discuss the concept of energy as it relates to movement.
    • Discuss the concept of time as it relates to movement.
    • Discuss the concept of space as it relates to movement
  • Discuss movement options in various situations
    • Create an experience which calls for particular movement patterns
    • Justify the chosen movement patterns.
  • Apply information from required reading to an assigned non-verbal exercise
    • Discuss the creative tools.
    • Describe a situation where contact improvisation is utilized.
    • Demonstrate the use of contact improvisation as a vital, compositional tool
    • Perform a “structured” improvisational exercise.
  • Evaluate movement dynamics within assigned framework
    • Evaluate group work and options
    • Evaluate individual work and options¿¿Tab¿¿
  • Demonstrate knowledge of history of improvisation
    • Compose a brief research paper on the development of improvisation
    • Demonstrate examples of improvisation based on historical knowledge