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2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog [PAST CATALOG]

DAN 205 - Intermediate Tap Dance 1

2 credit hours - One hour lecture and two hours studio weekly; one term.
An intermediate study of the technical fundamentals of tap dance. This course will include execution and mastery of all single, double, and triple sounds, and exposure to and the integration of concepts from the world of rhythm tap. May be repeated once for a total of four credit hours.

Prerequisite(s): DAN 106  or permission of department chair.

Note: Typically offered at MC; fall and spring terms.

Course Outcomes:

  • Review basic steps to ensure quality and clarity of performance.
    • Demonstrate prior knowledge of basic tap steps.
    • Execute proper body alignment, placement, and weight changes while performing basic steps.
  • Increase tap and rhythm vocabulary.
    • Expand tap and rhythm vocabulary by learning and perfecting new steps.
    • Practice new steps to commit them to memory.
  • Utilize spatial patterns and learn room/stage directions.
    • Specify the movement pattern required for specific combinations of steps.
    • Demonstrate the ability to utilize the proper spatial patterns.
    • Identify the stage directions…up stage, down stage, stage right and left.
    • Demonstrate understanding of stage directions within various tap combinations.
  • Execute knowledge of rhythm and time regarding music and tapping.
    • Analyze the tempo of select music for class.
    • Perform appropriate sounds to the music selected for the combinations.
  • Discuss history of tap and the current trends.
    • Accept responsibility to learn about select “tap masters.”
    • Discuss the history of tap and demonstrate the types of tap that were popular at that time.
    • Discuss current trends in tap dancing today.