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2020-2021 Catalog 
2020-2021 Catalog [PAST CATALOG]

Planner for Massage Therapy (A.A.S.)

Special Admission Requirements - Rolling Admission

Official Title of Major: Massage Therapy, A.A.S.

Award: Associate of Applied Science degree, A.A.S.


Total Credit Hours: 60

Learn more about the Massage Therapy Degree program

Purpose: To provide a new career path for students wishing to practice as a licensed massage therapist.

AACC cannot confirm whether the course or program meets requirements for professional licensure in states other than Maryland.   If you plan to apply for licensure in a state other than Maryland, contact that state’s licensing board to determine whether the AACC course or program meets requirements for licensure in that state.  If you need assistance finding contact information for your state, or if you need additional information regarding professional licensure, please contact the program’s Academic Chair at 410-777-7112.

Range of Occupations

  • Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT)

Additional Program Requirements

Students must receive a minimum final grade of C in all massage therapy courses and in BIO 230, BIO 231-BIO 232 or BIO 233-BIO 234, in order to progress in the sequence of massage courses.

Students enrolled in the massage therapy course sequence are required to comply with the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) Code of Ethics.

Faculty Contact (https://webapps.aacc.edu/directory): Lynne Brummitt

Courses to improve skills and prepare for college-level classes may be needed. It is best to see an advisor as you plan your education.

Course/Advising Notes: ________________________________________________________________________

(*) Students must be admitted into the Massage Therapy major to take MAS courses in terms 1-4.



Course Name Credits Term Taken Grade
MAS 100 - Introduction to Massage   1 credit hour    


Term 1

Course Name Credits Term Taken Grade
ENG 101 - Academic Writing and Research 1    OR
ENG 101A - Academic Writing and Research 1    
3 credit hours     
Mathematics GER  
3 credit hours    
Technology requirement
CTA 100 - Computing and Information Technology   OR
CTP 103 - Theories and Applications of Digital Technology     
3 credit hours    
BIO 230 - Structure and Function of the Human Body  
This course meets a General Education Requirement while simultaneously meeting a Program Requirement for this degree. This course is required for Fast Track students.
4 credit hours     
Wellness requirement    
3 credit hours    


Term 2

Course Name Credits Term Taken Grades
ENG 102 - Academic Writing and Research 2  
3 credit hours     
MAS 110 - Fundamentals of Massage Therapy  (*)
7 credit hours     
Arts & Humanities GER 
3 credit hours     
PSY 111 - Introduction to Psychology   3 credit hours     


Term 3

Course Name Credits Term Taken Grade
MAS 111 - Intermediate Massage Therapy  (*)
6 credit hours     
MAS 117 - Kinesiology for Massage Therapists  (*)
4 credit hours     
MAS 118 - Business for Bodyworkers  (*) 2 credit hours     
MAS 120 - Massage Therapy Clinic 1  (*)
1 credit hour     
SOC 111 - Introduction to Sociology  
3 credit hours    


Term 4

Course Name Credits Term Taken Grade
MAS 113 - Advanced Massage Therapy  (*)
6 credit hours     
MAS 121 - Massage Therapy Clinic 2  (*)
1 credit hour     
MAS 212 - Massage Therapy in a Healthcare Setting  (*)
4 credit hours    


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