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2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog [PAST CATALOG]

Planner for Computer Network Management - UNIX/LINUX System Administrator (certificate)

Award: Certificate


Total Credit Hours: 16

Purpose: An approved option under the computer network management associate degree program. Prepares students for employment as administrators of UNIX/LINUX system installations. Provides an introduction to computing, programming, data communications, security and other principal aspects of a typical UNIX/LINUX system administrator’s job. Includes extensive hands-on training.

Range of Occupations

  • UNIX/LINUX applications system designer/development
  • UNIX/LINUX programmer
  • UNIX/LINUX system administrator

Faculty Contact (https://webapps.aacc.edu/directory/): Will Seabrook

Courses to improve skills and prepare for college-level classes may be needed. It is best to see an advisor as you plan your education.

All students must demonstrate eligibility for ENG 101 /ENG 101A . Refer to Academic Regulations on Graduation Requirements , “Certificate Requirements” for more information.

Course/Advising Notes: ________________________________________________________________________

Note:  CTS 107 - Cyber Essentials  is a prerequisite for this certificate. Students entering the program with technical expertise beyond the level of CTS 107 should meet with the academic chair to waive the requirements of this course.

Term 1

Course Name Credits Term Taken Grade
CTS 110 - Network Essentials  
4 credit hours     
CTS 120 - Introduction to Linux   4 credit hours     

Term 2

Course Name Credits Term Taken Grade
CTS 140 - Network Security Fundamentals  
4 credit hours     
CTS 222 - UNIX/LINUX System Administration  
4 credit hours     

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