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2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog [PAST CATALOG]

Planner for Nursing - Arts & Sciences Transfer (A.S.)

Official Title of Major: Arts and Sciences Transfer -  Nursing Transfer A.S.

Award: Associate of Science degree, A.S.


Total Credit Hours: 60

About Biology Department - see www.aacc.edu

Purpose: The Nursing Transfer program prepares students for transfer to area colleges and universities offering a bachelor of science degree in nursing.

Faculty Contact (https://webapps.aacc.edu/directory/) : Professor Debra Bartlett

Courses to improve skills and prepare for college-level classes may be needed. It is best to see an advisor as you plan your education.

Course/Advising Notes: ________________________________________________________________________

Term 1

Course Name Credits Term Taken Grade
ENG 101 - Academic Writing and Research 1  OR
ENG 101A - Academic Writing and Research 1  
3 credit hours    
MAT 137 - College Algebra  
A more advanced level of math from the following list may be substituted:MAT 145 MAT 146 MAT 151 MAT 191 MAT 192 MAT 202 MAT 230   
3 credit hours     
CTA 100 - Computing and Information Technology  
If appropriate, a different CTA or CTP course that also meets the technology requirement may be selected.
3 credit hours     
BIO 101 - Fundamentals of Biology   4 credit hours     

Term 2

Course Name Credits Term Taken Grade
ENG 102 - Academic Writing and Research 2  
3 credit hours     
BIO 233 - Anatomy and Physiology 1  
4 credit hours     
CHE 111 - General Chemistry 1   OR
CHE 115 - General, Organic and Introduction to Biochemistry  
Students transferring to University of Maryland Baltimore should take CHE 115. Students transferring to an allied health program that requires two semesters of chemistry should take the CHE 111 and either CHE 112 or CHE 113, depending on the requirements of the transfer institution.
4 credit hours    
PSY 111 - Introduction to Psychology   3 credit hours     
No more than 3 credits of physical activity courses may be used as electives.
4 credit hours    

Term 3

Course Name Credits Term Taken Grade
BIO 234 - Anatomy and Physiology 2  
4 credit hours     
SOC 111 - Introduction to Sociology  
3 credit hours     
Arts & Humanities GER   
Any COM GER course.  Strongly recommend:
COM 111 - Fundamentals of Oral Communication  OR
COM 116 - Fundamentals of Oral Communication for Non-Native Speakers  
3 credit hours    
Social & Behavioral Science GER
Must choose one from the following:
HIS 111 - Ancient and Medieval Western Civilizations  
HIS 112 - Early Modern and Modern Western Civilizations  
HIS 211 - United States History through the Civil War  
HIS 212 - United States History Since the Civil War  
3 credit hours    
MAT 135 - Statistics   3 credit hours     

Term 4

Course Name Credits Term Taken Grade
BIO 135 - Principles of Nutrition   3 credit hours     
BIO 223 - General Microbiology  
4 credit hours     
PSY 211 - Developmental Psychology  
3 credit hours     
Arts & Humanities GER:  
One Sophomore Literature (ENG) course
3 credit hours    


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