Dec 03, 2022  
2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog [PAST CATALOG]

Stackable Certificates

Listed below are examples of some of AACC’s stackable certificates (A stackable certificate is a certificate in which all of the courses needed to meet the certificate course requirements also serve to meet specified course requirements in the corresponding associate’s degree).  Questions about other certificates can be directed to the Office of Records and Registration.


Code Certificate Title Code Major/Degree Title
CRT.HUS.ADD-CNSL Addiction Counseling (certificate)   AAS.HUS.ADD-CNSL Addiction Counseling (A.A.S.)  
CRT.ACH.CSTN-MGMT Architecture and Interior Design - Construction Management (certificate)   AAS.ACH.CONSTR-MGT Construction Management (A.A.S.)  
CRT.ACH.INT-DSGN Architecture and Interior Design - Interior Design (certificate)   AAS.ACH.ID-INT-DSGN Architecture and Interior Design (A.A.S.)  
CRT.ACH.LAND-DSGN Architecture and Interior Design - Landscape Design (certificate)   AAS.ACH.LAND-DSGN Architecture and Interior Design - Landscape Design (A.A.S.)  
CRT.BMT.ADV-MRKT Business Management - Advertising/Marketing (certificate)   AAS.BMT.ADV-MKT Business Management - Advertising/Marketing (A.A.S.)  
CRT.BMT.BUS-COM Business Management - Business Communications (certificate)   AAS.BMT.BUS-COM Business Management - Business Communications (A.A.S.)  
CRT.BMT.HEA-CR-PRF Business Management - Healthcare Professionals (certificate)   AAS.BMT.HEA-PROF Business Management - Healthcare Professionals (A.A.S.)  
CRT.BMT.HR Business Management - Human Resources (certificate)   AAS.BMT.HR Business Management - Human Resources (A.A.S.)  
CRT.BMT.LEADER Business Management - Leadership (certificate)   AAS.BMT.LEADER Business Management - Leadership (A.A.S.)  
CRT.BMT.OFFICE-MGT Business Management - Office Management (certificate)   AAS.BMT.OFF-MGT Business Management - Office Management (A.A.S.)  
CRT.BMT.SM-BUS-MGT Business Management - Small Business Management (certificate)   AAS.BMT.SML-BUS.MGT Business Management - Small Business Management (A.A.S.)  
CRT.BMT.SPLYCHN.MGMT Business Management - Supply Chain Management (certificate)   AAS.BMT.SPLYCHN.MGT Business Management - Supply Chain Management (A.A.S.)  
CRT.LEN.CYBR-CRME Cybercrime (certificate)   AAS.LEN.CYBR-CRME Cybercrime (A.A.S.)  
CRT.CIS.DIGITAL-FRSC Digital Forensics (certificate)   AAS.CIS.DIGITAL-FRSC Information Assurance and Cybersecurity (A.A.S.)  
CRT.EGR.ELEC-TECH Electronics Technology (certificate)   AAS.EGR.ELECTRONICS Electronics Engineering Technology (A.A.S.)  
CRT.ESI.ENTREP Entrepreneurship (certificate)   AAS.ESI.ENTREP Entrepreneurship (A.A.S.)  
CRT.BPA.FIN-ACCT Financial Accounting (certificate)   AAS.BPA.FIN-ACCT Financial Accounting (A.A.S.)  
  Health Sciences AA.TRANSFER.STDS  Transfer Studies (A.A.)  
CRT.PARA.LITG Paralegal Studies - (certificate)   AAS.PARA.LITG Paralegal Studies (A.A.S.)