May 27, 2024  
2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog [PAST CATALOG]

DHY 102 - Dental Hygiene Clinical 1

2 credit hours - Eight hours of clinic weekly; one term.
Perform clinical dental hygiene procedures, including basic instrumentation, infection control, client assessment skills, patient education, and treatment planning skills. Demonstrate dental hygiene skills and procedures on typodonts and/or student partners under appropriate supervision. Lab fee $250.

Prerequisite(s): Acceptance into the Dental Hygiene Program.

Corequisite(s): DHY 100 , DHY 104 , DHY 106 , DHY 108 

Course Outcomes:
  1. Define and demonstrate how to manipulate various instruments around the oral cavity and how to remove biofilm and supragingival and subgingival calculus.
  2. Explain and demonstrate dental hygiene diagnosis and treatment planning for patients.
  3. Discuss and simulate preventative practices for optimal oral health and disease prevention. 
  4. Define and demonstrate how to sharpen hand instruments, use a slow speed handpiece, use powered instruments, and use air polishers.
  5. Differentiate dental hygiene instruments by their characteristics. 
  6. Demonstrate infection control protocols in a clinical setting.
  7. Perform medical/dental/psychological history, intra- and extra-oral exam, and vital signs assessments on patients and complete proper documentation in clinical notes.
  8. Perform proper positioning of patients and clinician to avoid musculoskeletal injuries.