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2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog [PAST CATALOG]

Planner for Juvenile Justice (A.A.S.)

Official Title of Major: Juvenile Justice, A.A.S.

Award: Associate of Applied Science degree, A.A.S.


Total Credit Hours: 60

About the Homeland Security and Criminal Justice Institute

This degree is part of the Homeland Security and Criminal Justice Institute.

Purpose: Produces qualified practitioners with thorough knowledge and skills to assess, treat and manage children and youth offenders in both the juvenile and adult criminal justice systems. Students compare and contrast historical and current day philosophies of the juvenile justice system, to include social and psychological causations to delinquency and crime. Students study the legal and therapeutic distinctions between children and adults regarding legal representation and protection, due process of law, custody, sentencing, residential and at-home placements, treatment, education and community reintegration. 

Additional Degree Requirements

Students are expected to participate with their advisor in tailoring a mix of electives that will satisfy their own needs with respect to immediate and long-term employment.

Faculty Contact ( Darian Senn-Carter

Courses to improve skills and prepare for college-level classes may be needed. It is best to see an advisor as you plan your education.

Course/Advising Notes: ________________________________________________________________________

Term 1

Course Name Credits Term Taken Grade
ENG 101 - Academic Writing and Research 1  
Students may substitute ENG 101A  for ENG 101.
3 credit hours    
Mathematics GER  
3 credit hours    
Arts & Humanitites GER  
3 credit hours    
PSY 111 - Introduction to Psychology  
3 credit hours     
CJS 111 - Introduction to Criminal Justice   3 credit hours     

Term 2

Course Name Credits Term Taken Grade
ENG 102 - Academic Writing and Research 2  
3 credit hours     
CJS 113 - Penology  OR
SOC 224 - Criminology  
3 credit hours    
CJS 228 - Practices in Social Work and Counseling with Inmate Populations   3 credit hours     
SOC 132 - Juvenile Delinquency  
3 credit hours     
Biological & Physical Sciences GER  
3 credit hours    

Term 3

Course Name Credits Term Taken Grade
CJS 225 - Criminal Justice Ethics   3 credit hours     
CJS 231 - Juvenile Justice  
3 credit hours     
CJS 232 - Juvenile Law   3 credit hours     
HUS 102 - Physiological Aspects of Chemical Dependence   3 credit hours     
SOC 122 - Social Problems   3 credit hours     

Term 4

Course Name Credits Term Taken Grade
CJS 233 - Forensic Psychology and Victimology  OR
EDU 111 - Foundations of Education  
3 credit hours    
Wellness Requirement  
3 credit hours    
Technology Requirement  
CTP 103  is recommended.  This requirement may also be satisfied by CLEP exam.
3 credit hours    
Elective (consult with an advisor) 3 credit hours    
PSY 205 - Child Psychology  OR
PSY 211 - Developmental Psychology  
3 credit hours    

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