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2017-2018 Catalog 
2017-2018 Catalog [PAST CATALOG]

Transfer Majors

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AACC has a variety of majors for students who wish to plan a two-year course of study and then transfer into Junior standing at a four-year college. These AACC majors emphasize particular academic or occupational areas and are recommended to students planning further education. It is best to see an Academic Advisor early as you plan your transfer of credit.

Transfer Majors

*About the Transfer Studies, A.A.

Among our degrees for transfer, Anne Arundel awards a distinctive major called a Transfer Studies (A.A.)  .   This degree is designed to allow students to choose an interest area or a concentration , while achieving their general education requirements . Through this major’s electives  students have the opportunity to explore different areas of college coursework or to develop a specific course plan that will best meet their transfer goals.  It also a good choice for students who are not yet sure that they want to transfer immediately.  It allows students to obtain a well-rounded Associates of Arts degree. Students can use this associate’s degree to pursue a career or other personal goal, but still maintain their option to transfer in the future.