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2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog [PAST CATALOG]

DHY 202 - Dental Hygiene Clinical 4

2 credit hours - Eight hours of clinic weekly; one term.
Demonstrate principles and clinical skills of dental hygiene practice with an emphasis on non-surgical periodontal therapy. Under appropriate supervision of a dentist, provide client care assessments, planning, implementation, and evaluation.  Lab fee $350.

Prerequisite(s): DHY 120 , DHY 122 , and DHY 124  with a grade of C or better in each course.

Corequisite(s): DHY 200 , DHY 204 , and DHY 206 .

Course Outcomes:
  1. Select and administer appropriate oral medicaments with proper instruction to client.
  2. Demonstrate proper infection control techniques in the clinical setting.
  3. Demonstrate competency in the knowledge and skills required for delivery of comprehensive dental hygiene care to diverse clients.
  4. Display professionalism and ethical reasoning when working with peers, clients and clinical faculty.
  5. Provide advanced dental hygiene services that can be legally performed within the scope of practice.
  6. Provide dental hygiene care to promote health and wellness using critical thinking and problem-solving skills in the provision of evidence-based practice.