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2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog [PAST CATALOG]

Planner for Visual Arts Professional - Media Production (A.A.S.)

Title of Major: Visual Arts Professional - Media Production, A.A.S.

Award: Associate of Applied Science degree, A.A.S.


Total Credit Hours: 60

Visual Arts and Humanities - see

Purpose:  Designed for students who wish to gain skills that will better prepare them to work in the video and film industry. Students will develop basic skills in the production and post-production of time-based media. With a focus mainly on digital video, students will get first-hand experience developing, making, and editing original footage.

This program is not specifically designed for transfer to a four year institution. Should a student wish to transfer using this degree it is strongly recommended that the student consult with a transfer advisor and the department video coordinator to ensure an efficient transfer. Students may also wish to consider the Visual Arts Transfer AA degree or the Video Production Certificate.

Additional Degree Requirements

A grade of C or better is required in each Visual Arts Professional program course requirement.

Faculty Contact ( Wilfredo Valladares

Courses to improve skills and prepare for college-level classes may be needed. It is best to see an advisor as you plan your education.

Course/Advising Notes: ________________________________________________________________________

Term 1

Course Name Credits Term Taken Grade
ENG 101 - Academic Writing and Research 1  OR
ENG 101A - Academic Writing and Research 1  
(English Composition GER)
3 credit hours    
Mathematics GER  
3 credit hours    
ART 100 - Two-Dimensional Design  
(Arts & Humanities GER)
3 credit hours     
ART 180 - Introduction to Film   3 credit hours     
ART 160 - Video 1   3 credit hours     

Term 2

Course Name Credits Term Taken Grade
ENG 102 - Academic Writing and Research 2  
3 credit hours     
Biological & Physical Science GER   
4 credit hours    
Must choose from list of approved general education wellness courses.
3 credit hours    
ART 106 - Introduction to Digital Design  
This course satisfies the Technology requirement for this degree.
3 credit hours     
ART 161 - Video Editing   3 credit hours     

Term 3

Course Name Credits Term Taken Grade
Social & Behavioral Science GER   
3 credit hours    
ART 112 - Introduction to Sound Design   3 credit hours     
ART 120 - Digital Photography 1   3 credit hours     
ART 251 - Animation 1   3 credit hours     
Choose one course from the following list of Art Electives:
ART 121 - Black and White Photography  
ART 125 - Drawing 1  
ART 170 - Web Design 1  
ART 181 - Introduction to American Film   
ART 215 - Notable Film Directors   *
ART 216 - Independent Film  *
ART 239 - Techniques of Photographic Lighting   *
ART 252 - Animation 2  
ART 262 - Image & Design    *

*  = courses marked with an asterisk have a prerequisite.
3 credit hours    

Term 4

Course Name Credits Term Taken Grade
ART 260 - Video 2  
3 credit hours     
ART 250 - Digital Portfolio Development  
1 credit hour     
ART 275 - Digital Arts Internship  
If available, student may substitute a capstone or practicum course for ART 275, pending approval of department chair.
3 credit hours     
Choose one additional course from the list of Art Electives in Term 3. 3 credit hours    
No more than 3 credits of physical activity courses may be taken as electives.
5 credit hours    


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