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2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog

Human Services (certificate)

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Official Title of Certificate: Human Services, Certificate

Award: Certificate


Total Credit Hours: 30 

Learn more about the Human Services Certificate Program

Purpose: To give employees and volunteers associated with helping agencies knowledge and upgrading of skills in the human services area. This certificate is also appropriate for students to test their interest in the field before committing to a degree program. Students may subsequently apply these credits toward the Associate of Applied Science degree in human services.

Range of Occupations

  • Geriatrics worker
  • House parent in group home
  • Personnel assistant
  • Public housing counselor
  • Worker with developmentally disabled

Additional Program Requirements

Students must earn a grade of C or better in all human services and fieldwork courses.

Special Conditions

Health Manpower Shortage: This program of study may be designated a Health Manpower Shortage Tuition Reduction Program. This means that some residents of Maryland (see the Tuition, Fees and Payments  section of this catalog) enrolled in this program of study by the first day of the term may be eligible for in-county tuition rates for courses required for program completion. It is the student’s responsibility to confirm that this program still maintains a Health Manpower Shortage Program status before enrolling. Please refer to the college’s Accounts Receivable Office to confirm this designation.

Entrance/Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

Demonstrated eligibility for ENG 101  /ENG 101A .

Criminal Background Checks and Drug Screening

This program requires the satisfactory completion of a criminal background check and possible drug screening. For complete details, see the Health Sciences  section of this catalog.

Certificate Graduation Requirements

To graduate with a certificate, students must have demonstrated eligibility for ENG 101  or ENG 101A . Refer to Academic Regulations on Graduation Requirements .

Certificate Requirements: 30 credits

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

1. Demonstrate basic counseling and case management skills and techniques in order to facilitate client services.

a. Client Intervention and Strategies (Standard 16)

b. Interpersonal Skills (Standard 17)

2. Design a plan to assess clients, design and implement specific and measurable goals.

a. Program Evaluation and Planning (Standard 15)

3. Describe the administrative aspects of service delivery.

a. Human Services Delivery (Standard 13)

b. Client Intervention and Strategies (Standard 16)

4. Develop interpersonal skills with clients and team members and demonstrate professional behaviors.

a. Interpersonal Skills (Standard 17)

b. Client Related Values and Attitudes (Standard 18)

c. Self-Development (Standard 19)

5. Examine how their own values, personalities, reaction patterns, interpersonal styles, limitations and self-care practices impact their role as a human services professional.

a. Interpersonal Skills (Standard 17)

b. Client Related Values and Attitudes (Standard 18)

c. Self-Development (Standard 19)

6. Analyze the importance of family, social networks, and community systems in the treatment process 

a. Client Intervention and Strategies (Standard 16)

7. Student will identify community resources.

a. Client Intervention and Strategies (Standard 16)

8. Students will demonstrate effective group facilitation skills.

a. Human Systems (Standards 12)

b. Client Intervention and Strategies (Standard 16)

9. Examine diverse cultures, and incorporate the relevant needs of culturally diverse groups, as well as people with disabilities, into clinical practice.

a. Interpersonal Skills (Standard 17)

b. Client Related Values and Attitudes (Standard 18)

10. Summarize the field of human services and addiction professional’s obligations to adhere to legal, ethical and behavioral standards of conduct in the helping relationship.

a. Interpersonal Skills (Standard 17)

b. Client Related Values and Attitudes (Standard 18)

11. Identify and explain historical development of Human Services.

a. History (Standard 11)

12. Assess the conditions which promote or limit human functioning within the human system.

a. Human Systems (Standard 12)

b. Human Services Delivery (Standard 13)

c. Program Planning and Evaluation (Standard 15)

13. Complete required fieldwork with the Human Services Department and apply meaningful connections between classroom learning and experiences in field.

a. Field Experience (Standard 20)

This program aligns with all the college’s core competencies.

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